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Handmade Candy Wrapper Purse, Recycled Magazine Purses

Have you ever wanted to have a purse that no one else had?  What about having a 1 of a Kind Purse.

Well these adorable purses are handmade, and are one of a kind.  No 2 are alike.  These are sometimes called Mexican Purses, Candy Wrapper Purses, Prison Art Purses…..the names go on and on.

However, these are made using wrapping paper, & recycled magazines.  These are not flimsy purses.  These are all hand-cut, then individually laminated.  They are then hand woven together.  From there they are hand stitched together, inside and out to make them even stronger.  Zippers are sewn in, along with a zipper attachment.

And the price is even better.  If you were to buy the designer brand of these types of purses, you could easily pay over $100.00.  However, since I don’t employ anyone other than myself, I only sell these at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t get me wrong, they are very labor intensive, and take many, many hours to complete.  But I find it fun and relaxing to create different styles of these purses

Currently I only have 3 purses for sale, but will be adding more.

1.  Fashionista Large Cheetah Print Handbag

2.  Fashionista Small Cheetah Print coin purse.

3.  Pop Culture Small Coin Purse

To find these handmade purses you can visit my store at Etsy.com

To find brand new items and accessories, you can visit my online store at MyCornerCafeStudio.com

NEW Lovie Dovie Doll from the Doll Maker Linda Rick


There are new release Lovie Dovie Dolls from the Doll Maker, Linda Rick.  these dolls are 12″ vinyl dolls.  Each have molded hair and each has there own theme.

The list of the 9 dols are as follows:

1.  April Showers

2.  Summertime Toad

3.  Tu Tu Tootsie

4.  Hug-A-Bug Bear

5.  Silly Willy

6.  Dovey Dew

7.  Rag-A-Doo

8.  Baby blue

9.  Tinker Toes

These dolls are very economically priced at 35.99.  Perfect to give as gifts, or to anyone who is wanting to start collecting Linda Ricks Doll.

For more information on these dolls, please visit us at:


Whisper Willow Collectible Fairy Dolls


For The Love of Fairies

I cannot begin to express how much I love these new Whispering Willow Fairies. If only these had been around when I was a child. (Of course my mother would probably not have let me play with them.) These however, are for the child in all of us. No matter how old we get, we still have a love for fairies, dolls, and all things girly.

These tiny little “Wee Willow Babes” are a mere 3 1/2 inches and are made of resin. Perfect size for any display shelf, especially if you on running low on display room.

Of course there are plenty of more fairy dolls that are much larger in size, and really quite elaborate and beautiful. Some of the larger fairies are as large as 23″ and made of resin. What a beautiful display

I f you are looking for an adorable idea on creating a unique setting for you little girls room, there are hundreds of different ways to arrange a room and have the “Fairy as your Theme”

What little girl wouldn’t love to have their own Fairy Room as a place to call there own.

Check out our Line at http://www.MyCornerCafeStudio.com