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Reasons to give a Baby Gift Basket As A Gift

imgo1201j1352i1If you have seen some of these unique gift baskets that are available now to buy, you will be amazed. They are packed with so many different and unique items that you probably would have never thought of them yourself. When your gift is opened at the baby shower, you can rest assured that you will be giving one of the best gifts that a new mom could ask for. She will love everything in it, from how it is packaged, to the amount of items that you have managed to get into this basket.

When choosing your baby gift basket as a gift, you may want to include some goodies for the new mom. There are a number of baskets that include different types of items for the new mom as well as the new baby. For instance, the new mom may get luxury spa products and slippers, delicious chocolates, or picture frames that are personalized for the new baby.  Also, several of the items have personalization included for no additional charge which also adds to the uniqueness of your gift.   All the while, the baby gets all the cute outfits, blankets, toys, educational items, etc… This way, both mom and baby are both happy

Now if you were creating this basket, how would you arrange everything you wanted to include, make it look presentable, and then wrap it with a bow and still have it look perfect when it arrives at the party? Well, when you purchase these online, that part of the work is taken out for you also. It has been perfectly arranged, perfectly wrapped, perfectly packed, and all you have to do is sit back and take the credit.

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Give Unique Baby Gift Baskets as Welcome Gift


If you are like the rest of us, you always need just a few more hours added to your day to get everything done that you needed to get finished for that day.  Well, if purchasing a baby shower gift, or newborn baby gift is on your “TO DO” list, we have a easy solution for your.  Give a Newborn Baby Gift Basket, or a Diaper Cake as your gift.  These gifts are now available online, and can be delivered right to their door.  These are great gifts because there are so many different styles and price ranges to choose from.  The new mom will appreciate getting this very thoughtful gift and many of them can be personalized so they can be kept as a keepsake.  If you are giving a Diaper Cake, the new mom will be thrilled will all of the little surprises tucked away inside the midst of all those needed diapers.  Some are so beautiful that she may not even want to use the diapers because she can’t bear to take the Diaper Cake apart.  Baby Gift Baskets can also be used as a centerpiece for a baby shower, and be given to the expectant mom as her gift.

There are so many great deals out there, and finding the perfect one is half the fun.


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New Additions To Our New Baby Gift Basket Line


New Additions our New Baby Gift Basket Line

We have added so many new baby gift baskets, I don’t know where to begin to describe them. They are amazing. If only these had been available when I was a younger mom.
These gift baskets have everything in them that is popular today. We have Baby Einstein Baskets, Melissa and Doug, Just for Boys, Just for Girls, Organic Gift Baskets, Sports Themed, and even a basket for the New Mom.

Our newest edition is the “Park Avenue Posh – Girl(Pink and Brown)“, and the “Park Avenue Posh – Boy(Brown and Blue). These are both 5 piece sets that include an adorable Gift box.

We also are carrying a new line called Baby Bunches. They look like flower arrangements, except they are in a pail, and all of the blankets, bib, onsies, hats, etc.. are arranged into a beautiful bouquet. We even have these in organic now also.

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