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When my daughter first went away to college last year, she had not been gone a week before I was already trying to think of what I could send her to let her know I was thinking about her. I didn’t want to send the necessities like socks, shampoos, & gum. I wanted it to be unique and something that she would really like to receive but may not think to buy herself.

Here are some of things I sent to her during her first year of college:

* Since she had joined a sorority during those first few weeks of college, I looked online for all types of blankets, mugs, picture frames that had her sorority logo on it. Believe me, they will love to brighten up their room with these types of gifts.

* Her grandmother & I made special treats and sent them directly to her dorm room. She loves chocolate covered pretzels, and since it was getting cooler, we didn’t run the risk of the chocolate melting before it arrived. Another time I sent her a box full of her favorite chips, lotions, & a picture frame of her new baby cousin who had just arrived.

* If you don’t have time to run all over town looking for items to put in your care package, there are online stores that will put together a package for you and deliver it for a small fee. The items that they can include are energy drinks, their favorite coffee drinks, or even there favorite flavors of tea.

* If you know your child’s size (which you probably do), the thing they get the most wear out of are yoga or sweat pants. One of my daughter’s favorite gifts to receive was when I found a sale at Victoria’s Secret and found her some cute pajama pants and yoga pants for the fall. It wasn’t very expensive, but it did show her that I was always thinking about her even when she was away from home.

* Boys are really not that difficult. Since most of the time they don’t really care if their room is clean, or what their room looks like, I wouldn’t bother sending your son cute things. Instead, send them a new video or Wii game. College age boys tend to play a lot of video games, so if you are looking for an extra hug next time you see your son, just send him a new video game, a couple bag of chips, and he will be all set.

* If you just can’t help yourself, and you know your kids are probably not eating the best, go ahead and send some vitamins, breakfast bars, hand sanitizer, and a few healthy snacks along with your gift. At least you will feel like you have tried and it will probably make you feel better in the end.

Give some of these ideas a try for your college student this year, and you just might get an extra phone call during the week to make it a little brighter for the both of you.

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