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IWAKO Japanese Collectible Puzzle Erasers



Well, the newest craze that seems to have started among kids are these new Japanese Puzzle Erasers.  You can take off several of their clothes or body parts, and interchange them and make your own colorful creation.

These are made to be collectibles that you can trade or share.  Newer ones come out monthly and then older ones are discontinued.  At least this new collectible is easy on the pocketbook.  They of course can be used as an eraser, or can be used in dollhouses, or taken to play with on the table while you are eating out.

Some of the newest ones to be added to the list are:


Ice Cream Cones

Colorful Cows

Colorful Pandas

Alien Babies

There are many more that are being added monthly to our store, so stop buy to see what new collectible has been added.  These have been very popular, so you may want to buy early.

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