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New Ashton Drake Delilah Noir “Pretty In Pink” IN STOCK NOW

Are you looking for a unique doll to give that special collector, or are you just looking for that special doll that no one else has.  Well, we have it in stock, and she is adorable.  The newest edition to the Delilah Noir Collection, “Pretty in Pink”

The Lolita doll, Pretty in Pink is a modern vinyl Lolita fashion ball jointed doll with endless poses and she also has a pet ferret. Yes a ferret. Pretty in Pink is all pink with a hoodie, messenger bag, tennis shoes and striped pink socks to go with her pet ferret. She’s not Molly but a little wilder in this pink attire, so much for Sixteen candles on her cake, she is looking for something a little different than the normal school girls. Dress her up and take her out, get you Pink today.

Fashion doll maker, Ashton Drake Galleries, offers affordable customizable limited edition Delilah Noir vinyl ball jointed dolls that are 16 inch and 1/4 scale articulated poseable collectible BJDs


* Lolita doll 16 inch vinyl collectible ball jointed doll

* White hoodie with rabbit ears and pink trim

* Pink naughty bunny t-shirt

* Logo messenger bag

* Knee high pink and white striped socks and heeled pink tennis shoes

* Crosshairs the Ferret with Matching Pink Collar & Leash

* Doll collector quality vinyl on this beautiful Lolita Doll

Visit us at and look and some more of her cute pictures and outfits.