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Reasons Why We Collect Collectible Dolls


What is our fascination with the collectible doll market of today? What is new that is happening now that makes us continue to want to collect these beautiful dolls. Lets look at just a few of the reasons why we love to collect these dolls.

Sure, the antique dolls are always of value, and they hold a lot of sentimental value if they have been passed down from our mothers or grandmothers. That is probably what started your first fascination with dolls. But we have evolved, and we now are our own generation that has changed with the times. You continue to look for something that speaks to you when you find that perfect doll. It’s different for everyone, and that’s what makes doll collecting so wonderful. There are so many new doll designers because not everyone looks at the dolls in the same way, or wants the same doll

Another reason is there is something for everyone. If you have eclectic taste, you should like “Wild Imagination” dolls. For high fashion, movie star taste, or classics, gives Madame Alexander, Tonner or Randall Craig Dolls a look. For those who love the life like dolls, browse around the Berenguer Reborns, Ashton Drake, Masterpiece and Lee Middleton Dolls. And for just the love of any doll, Marie Osmond Dolls at Charisma Brands is always sure to please. However, more and more there are individual artists that are branching out creating their own works of art, so keep your eyes open. You never know what you will fall in love with.

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