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Adding New Christmas & Nativity Scene Russian Nesting Dolls to Store


Russian Nesting or Russian Stacking Dolls come in all different themes, numbers, styles, occupation, animal breed that you can think of.  Giving nesting dolls as gifts for the upcoming holiday season makes perfect sense when there are so many types of nesting dolls with a  holiday theme.

Looking for a Christmas nesting doll, there are several types available, including the Old World Santas.  Nativity scenes are also available in many different prices ranges.  Christmas scenes are also being depicted on the front of many of these nesting dolls.  Some new ones we are about to add are, Father Frost, Polar Christmas, Christmas Carol, Christmas Cats, Woodburned Father Frost, Nutcracker, and Clara’s Dream.

Be on the lookout for more items to be added to the Russian Nesting Dolls Section this month.

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Russian Collectible Nesting Dolls


Giving Russian Nesting Dolls As Gifts

If you have ever been interested in Nesting Dolls, now is the time to become a collector.  There are so many new and exciting Russian Nesting Dolls , that you are sure to find that perfect gift.  There are Occupational Nesting Dolls, Animal Lovers Nesting Dolls, Fairy Tale Nesting Dolls, and your Traditional Nesting Dolls.

Russian Nesting Dolls come in a variety of sizes, and they vary in number.  Be sure to check the sizes of the nesting dolls before giving to children.  Some are not appropriate for children because of their small size.

Looking for an educational Russian Nesting Doll.  They have those also.  Their are Civil War Generals Nesting Dolls, Presidents Nesting Dolls, and even Russian Leaders Nesting Dolls.

Do you know someone who loves Folk and Russian Tales.  Many of the Russian Nesting Dolls also come with a book and the matching Nesting Doll set to make the story come alive.

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