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Baby Shower Diaper Cakes As A Baby Shower Centerpiece


Having a Diaper Cake as your Shower Centerpiece

If you have ever given a baby shower and had a Diaper Cake as your centerpiece, then you know how unique these can be. Sometimes the new mom is reluctant to even take it apart and use the diapers because these are so cute. Just imagine how thankful the new mom will be to have all those diapers ready to go when they bring their new bundle of joy home.

Not only do diaper cakes supply them with diapers, but you can hide any number of little baby necessities in the diaper cake itself. Some have unique little toys, baby wash clothes, onesies, pacifiers, stuffed animals, picture frames, … The options are endless. The designers of these cakes make these so unique, that it would take you or I an entire day to try and re-create this. So, if you are in need of a unique gift to give the new mom and are short on time, visit our selection of diaper cakes at:

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