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Newest & Cutest Baby Boy Home Run Baseball Glove TAGGIES Blanket


This is the newest addition to the line of the small TAGGIES baby blanket.  This is perfect for baby boys.  In the line was already the football TAGGIE, but how cute is this.

Taggies are already a favorite among mothers who know how their little ones love to rub their little fingers along satiny edges of a blanket or stuffed animal.  Well, this bring them both together.  You have a small take along blanket, that also has many different colored satiny ribbons attached along the side, to entertain or soothe you baby.

Here are some of our favorites that we carry in our store for baby girls and boys:

Flower  Fun Taggies

Touchdown Football Taggies

Buddy The Dog Peek A Boo Blanket Taggies

Little Taggies Princess Blanket

We have a huge selection of newborn baby gifts, including Baby Gift Baskets, along with night lights, to the Sleep Sheep Nightime Sound Machine, just to name a few.

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Rock N Moms Cool Baby Diaper Bags


Unique Cool Diaper Bags

Have you ever wished that they made a Diaper Bag that would hold everything you needed for your baby, but also be so unique that no one would even know it was a diaper bag. Or maybe even so unique that you could use it long after those baby diapering days were over.

Well, the time has come for the Rock N Mom’s Diaper Bags.

We believe moms should have great accessories that are fun, edgy and free-spirited! We have created diaper bags for the HIP, HOT savvy mom in you! Our collection of diaper bags offers the hottest in trends along with many added features.

Many celebrities are now carrying the Rock N Moms Diaper Bags too.

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