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Kids Pretend Retro Kitchen Sets


Remember when you were younger and we actually had to use our imaginations when we played.  We played with old boxes and played house, used small pillows when we didn’t have dolls, and used our moms canned goods when we played grocery or house.  Well the kids today can still use their imaginations but have a cool kitchen set to add to their enjoyment.

These kitchen sets come with pretend microwaves, phones, sinks, dishwashers, burners on the oven that make realistic sounds.  They also have pretend refrigerators, ice makers, pot & pans, and cute little cubbies for holding all of their pretend food.

Get your little ones away from the TV or their video games, and let them try and see what kind of fun they can come up with for the afternoon.  Let older siblings join in the fun and pretend to cook dinner for the family, while mom is busy in the kitchen preparing the real meal.

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