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Gotz German Collectible Dolls At Great Prices


Gotz Collectible Dolls

If you are looking for a great collectible doll at AMAZING prices, you might want to take a look at the Gotz Collectible Dolls.   Each doll comes with a Götz bracelet, artist’s signet and a certificate.  The Artist Edition dolls are produced in limited or one-year productions.    Götz dolls are still produced in Germany in one of the largest doll factories in the world.

Some of the dolls we have are retired and are not being made anymore.  We love these dolls but are making room for some of the new editions.  We have lowered some of these prices up to 50% – 75%.  These are great deals that won’t last for long.  If you are looking to start or just add to your collection, these beautiful dolls may be just for you.

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Lee Middleton Collectible Dolls “Make A Baby Kit”


Lee Middleton Make A Baby Kit

We now have the all new “Lee Middleton Make A Baby Kits“.  Now you can enjoy making these collectibles on your own.  There are 6 different styles to choose from.  Al  of these have been designed by the talented artist, Reva Schick.

This kit includes the following:

Cuddly Body and Skin with Cable Ties inserted, stuffing and pellet bags, painted vinyl parts, and a diaper.  Each head also comes pre-painted, with eye lashes and hair attached.

After you have finished assembling your new doll, it will be a 19″ newborn, complete with blue jeans, and a rosebud t-shirt.

Now start having fun, and displaying your very own creation.

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Madame Alexander Collectible Dolls


Madame Alexander Collectible Dolls

Madame Alexander continues to come out with the most creative new looks and ideas. Whether you are a collector yourself, or looking for a gift for a child, Madame Alexander has you covered. For the little “birthday girl”, why not give the “Birthday Girl Collectible Doll” as a keepsake. If its “Babies 1st Birthday“, we have the soft body version to commemorate this special day. For the ballerina in your family, we have a 4 piece set, “Ballet Lessons“.

If you are looking for some of the retired discontinued dolls, look no further, you may find what you are looking for here. We carry several of the hard to find dolls including, “Western Riding“, “3 Blind Mice“, and several “Baby Alexander Huggums Dolls“.

These collectible dolls continue to be some of the most sought after dolls on the market today.

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Marie Osmond Collectible Kewpie Dolls


Its 100 Years of Kewpie Dolls

Everyone knows what Kewpie Dolls are, right? But do you know their history, and how long they have been in existence. In 1909, Rose O’Neill created her very first Kewpie, and they appeared in the Ladies Home Journal Christmas Issue. For the next 25 years Kewpies became a phenomenon.

Well, Kewpies are back and getting more popular than ever. You can find just about any type of Kewpie that you have an interest in. If you like cooking, we have a “Top Chef” Kewpie. If you are into any type of car racing, Look at our “Winner’s Circle” Kewpie. Need a cute gift for the bride and groom, we have the “Going to the Chapel” 2 piece Kewpie Set. You get the idea. They are adding more Kewpie’s for 2009. Come check them out, and fall in love with KEWPIE’S.
We have a huge selection of the most popular Kewpie’s.

Marie Osmond Adora Belle Collectible Dolls


If you haven’t had a chance to see some of the newest Marie Osmond Adora Belle Collectible Dolls, then you are missing out.  These dolls are designed by Marie Osmond herself, some having only limited editions.  There is quite a variety to choose from.  They are either made of vinyl or porcelain.  They stand approximately 5″ to 12″ tall depending on the style.  You can find every calendar month doll with an attractive display case.  There are all kinds of dolls that represent many interests including dancing, Marie’s Dancing with The Stars Days, holidays, bride’s doll, to adorable girly dolls.  These are perfect for collecting if you are short on space.

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Reasons Why We Collect Collectible Dolls


What is our fascination with the collectible doll market of today? What is new that is happening now that makes us continue to want to collect these beautiful dolls. Lets look at just a few of the reasons why we love to collect these dolls.

Sure, the antique dolls are always of value, and they hold a lot of sentimental value if they have been passed down from our mothers or grandmothers. That is probably what started your first fascination with dolls. But we have evolved, and we now are our own generation that has changed with the times. You continue to look for something that speaks to you when you find that perfect doll. It’s different for everyone, and that’s what makes doll collecting so wonderful. There are so many new doll designers because not everyone looks at the dolls in the same way, or wants the same doll

Another reason is there is something for everyone. If you have eclectic taste, you should like “Wild Imagination” dolls. For high fashion, movie star taste, or classics, gives Madame Alexander, Tonner or Randall Craig Dolls a look. For those who love the life like dolls, browse around the Berenguer Reborns, Ashton Drake, Masterpiece and Lee Middleton Dolls. And for just the love of any doll, Marie Osmond Dolls at Charisma Brands is always sure to please. However, more and more there are individual artists that are branching out creating their own works of art, so keep your eyes open. You never know what you will fall in love with.

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How To Save On Your Nursery Decor


How To Choose Your Nursery Bedding & Decor

- Choosing your new baby’s bedding is one of the most fun things to do when planning for your new arrival. You probably already have your colors in mind, and maybe even the theme already decided on. What you probably haven’t planned for is how expensive some of these crib bedding sets can be. Just try and remember, you can still find adorable bedding at discount prices, you just have to know where to look. Some name brands that offer great prices are Trend Lab, New Arrivals, & Cherish & Joy. Your new baby is not going to know the difference if you have spent thousands on the bedding, or only several hundred dollars. The only one who needs to know is you.

Update an Existing Childs Room with Wall Murals

- Wall murals for babies, kids and teens have really started to take off. Kids wall murals are so much easier than wall papering a room or adding a border. They can come as large as an entire room, or you can decorate with just a few words above the crib. They come in every design imaginable. For example, boys love Nascar. There are “Sudden Shadows” of their favorite Nascar drivers car. For the girls, choose from castles, dots, butterflies, sports, etc.. And for the babies room, your choices seem endless. And the choice is up to you. You can spend as little or as much as you like, depending on your theme for the room.

Furniture That Grows With Your Child

- Another way to save on your furniture is to buy transitional furniture and accessories. You can start out as using it in the nursery, then use is as décor for their toddler room, and then perhaps you can use it as storage or an accessory for their playroom or big kids room. My favorite line is the P’Kolino Kids Furniture. They have a variety of toddler size chairs, desks, and a toddler bed that folds into a comfy chair. KidKraft, Levels of Discovery, & Wild Zoo also offer quite a selection of kids table and chair sets, as well as cute and affordable room accessories, which can easily be used in their bedroom or playroom.

Your nursery needn’t look like something out of a decorating magazine; what’s important is that it’s practical and cheery, and comfortable for you and your baby! After all, you’re likely to spend a lot of time in your baby’s room during those first few months so let your imagination run wild, and see what unique ideas you come up with.

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New Additions To Our New Baby Gift Basket Line


New Additions our New Baby Gift Basket Line

We have added so many new baby gift baskets, I don’t know where to begin to describe them. They are amazing. If only these had been available when I was a younger mom.
These gift baskets have everything in them that is popular today. We have Baby Einstein Baskets, Melissa and Doug, Just for Boys, Just for Girls, Organic Gift Baskets, Sports Themed, and even a basket for the New Mom.

Our newest edition is the “Park Avenue Posh – Girl(Pink and Brown)“, and the “Park Avenue Posh – Boy(Brown and Blue). These are both 5 piece sets that include an adorable Gift box.

We also are carrying a new line called Baby Bunches. They look like flower arrangements, except they are in a pail, and all of the blankets, bib, onsies, hats, etc.. are arranged into a beautiful bouquet. We even have these in organic now also.

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Berenguer Collectible Dolls


Berenguer Collector Baby Dolls – 2009 Award Winner

This precious doll, “Baby Isabella“, won the Industry Choice Award this year in 2009.  She has such a sweet expression on her face you can’t help but fall in love with her.

Berenguer Collectible Dolls have been designing dolls for over 50 years.  They have a wonderful tradition of sculpting beautiful dolls for children and collectors around the world.  They have expanded into many new different areas, including the childrens adorable playsets made just for their Berenguer dolls.  They also have speciality dolls, mini dolls, reborn dolls, and ethnic dolls.

Berenguer is proud to have 50 years of artistic sculpting experience and is able to bring you the most life like dolls on the market.

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New Collectible Dolls Just Added

06084003cupcakeHello everyone,

New to this blog thing but wanted everyone to know that we have a few new additions to the collectible dolls this week.

If you are a collector of Marie Osmond Dolls, we will be getting our new inventory in June 2009. However, in the meantime, you can see that we have added many more Marie Osmond Kewpie Dolls to the items we have available. These are adorable dolls, and our newest ones are: Kewpie Kupcake, Spa Day, Teacher’s Pet, and Winner’s Circle. Stop by and check out the rest of our Marie Osmond Kewpie Dolls.

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