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Rhinestone Ruby Girls Charms & Makeup Bags


Rhinestone Ruby has the cutest zebra makeup bags, and pink sequin wristlets, makeup bags, & key chain purses.  All of these are made to add these adorable slider charms to.

The charms come in rhinestone letters to say any word you would like.  The other charms are very girly, but there are so many available now, that anything you can think of usually has a charm to go along with it.

These make great gifts for bridesmaids,wedding showers, or thank you gifts for someone special.  You can even personalize it with up to 9 letters on most of the items.

To view our line of Rhinestone Ruby, visit us at:


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NEW Berenguer Pretend Doll Playsets for Little Mommies

Berenguer had the most adorable baby dolls accessories.  Everything that a new “pretend” mommy could ever want.  They have everything that the real “mommies” have.  We carry the entire line.  We have the Berenguer Carrier,   Swing,   High Chair, Playpen,   Cradle,   Bath Tub, and   Walker.

All of the new playsets also have new lights and sounds to keep the little one entertained.

These are made of durable material, however, is not suited for children under 3 years of age.

These also come with a 15″ Lots To Cuddle Baby Doll, which is the perfect size for these playsets.  However, if you are looking for the collectible Berenguer Dolls, we carry those as well

These playsets are also compact enough that they do not take up very much area.

To view the entire Berenguer Playset Line, visit us at:


Kiddie Ups Kiddie Themed Wooden Rocking Horses


Kids Themed Rocking Horses

These rocking horses are amazing compared what you think of when you think of a traditional rocking horse. No more just your average red or brown horse on a set of springs. These Rocking Horses have elaborate detail, some play music, and some even have a little carriage in the back for the baby doll. The mane on these horses are even made of silk.

There is even a special stamp underneath for personalizing it as a special gift. The cushion on the back rest and seat are also removable. Even when the child gets to old to ride the horse, this still makes a beautiful addition to a child’s room, and can be passed down to the next generation of kids or grand kids.

To see the full line of Kiddie Ups, visit:

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HABA Kids Pretend Play Fabric Food


HABA Kids Pretend Play Food

These unique items will make a perfect edition to you childs kitchen collection. This fabric food is designed in Germany and looks good enough to eat. We have Pizza, 3 Pack Muffins, Ice Cream Cones, Petit Fours, Hamburger and French Fries Set, & a Sandwich Set.

These little sets are magnetic which help all of the little pieces stay in place. They come apart easily and are just the right size for serving up a delicious “play” meal. So let your little chef start planning your next meal with the Haba Fabric Food, while you are preparing the “real meal”. Then watch how much more you can get accomplished when your little chef is occupied preparing a meal of their own.

For info on Haba Fabric Food visit:

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Kids World Wrestling Inflatable Furniture


Kids World Wrestling Inflatable Furniture

How cool are these. Just imagine your little boy when he sees this is his new playroom or bedroom. These inflatable beds come in several different styles. One of the styles even resembles an actual wrestling ring.

The inflatable chairs also have different styles. One looks like a bean bag chair, another resembles a big comfy chair, and another is a gaming chair. It is made for playing all those Nintendo, X-Box, or Playstation Games.

These products are made of durable heavy-gauge vinyl and can hold up to 130 pounds. You can even deflate them, and take them as an travel-anywhere extra bed.

To view all these styles visit:

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Children’s Educational Wooden Playsets


Heritage Wooden Playsets

These wooden play sets will take you back in time when you were a child a enjoyed playing with the simple things. There were no computers, cell phones, gameboys, or XBox games. We all used our imaginations to come up with some of the most wonderful adventures without all those high tech toys.

Thats why we love these wooden playsets. These wooden playsets come in so many different styles for girls and boys. For the kids into horses, there is the Big Red Barn, Riding School, & Truck and Horse Trailer. For the girls, they will delight in the Rose Cottage or the Princess Castle. As for the boys, they will love the Dinosaur Island, Knights Fortress or the city Auto Center.

These come with a ton of accessories and are sure to bring hours of fun.

To see the full line of Heritage Playsets visit:


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Rock N Moms Cool Baby Diaper Bags


Unique Cool Diaper Bags

Have you ever wished that they made a Diaper Bag that would hold everything you needed for your baby, but also be so unique that no one would even know it was a diaper bag. Or maybe even so unique that you could use it long after those baby diapering days were over.

Well, the time has come for the Rock N Mom’s Diaper Bags.

We believe moms should have great accessories that are fun, edgy and free-spirited! We have created diaper bags for the HIP, HOT savvy mom in you! Our collection of diaper bags offers the hottest in trends along with many added features.

Many celebrities are now carrying the Rock N Moms Diaper Bags too.

For more info on where to purchase these COOL bags, visit:


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Kids Wall Mural & Wall Art


Have Fun With Kids Wall Murals

Trying to decide on a new theme for your child’s room. Instead of paint, why not try a wall mural. There are so many unique and fun ideas for kids these days, your youngster will love the feel of their “new” room, and it won’t require a lot of work from you.

Nursery Murals of course are very popular because they can be personalized. Girls Wall Murals are great because they can choose different styles, depending on their personality. If they are sporty, there are all kinds of girls sports murals. Castles, Dots, Princess, and Rock Star are all popular themes with girls.

Boys Wall Murals have Sports, NASCAR, Pirates, and even an entire room mural that can be turned in a “Space” theme.

Why not let your child help you with the decision. After all, they are only little once.


P’Kolino Children’s Playroom Furniture


Are you looking for attractive, stylish yet affordable furniture for you children’s playroom. I have found the perfect solution. It is P’Kolino fuurniture. Their furniture is stylish yet practical. It is micro fiber, and is very easy to clean. It is so light, that the Little Reader Chair can actually be picked up and carried around by your toddler.
Loking for more storage options. Look no further. The P’Kolino furniture has Kubes and Drawers that can stack together in a number of different styles. You can line you whole playroom whole for an entertainment center look. The drawers have casters on the bottom, so all you have to do is roll the drawers to where the toys are, clean up, then roll them back into the Kube, and everything is clean again.
Check out the entire line of desks, sofas, silly chairs here:


Here is a short little video explaining the concept behind why parents choose P’Kolino Furniture


Just In – New 2009 Lee Middleton Artist Studio Collectible – Bunny Hugs


Lee Middle Doll – Artist Studio Collectible – Bunny Hugs

I received a quite unexpected surprise today. My first shipment of the NEW 2009 of Lee Middleton Dolls arrived today. One of the newest dolls to arrive is the Artist Studio Collectible – Bunny Hugs. She is the first full infant made with extra soft vinyl skin. Her outfit is adorable. She looks so real!!

Check back here daily or just pop in and visit the store, because I am sure more new 2009 Lee Middleton Dolls will start arriving on a daily basis now.

Go here to view all the detail for this doll: