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2 More Pre-Order Lee Middleton Collectible Dolls Available Lovebird Twins


The newest Artist Studio Lee Middleton Lovebird Boy & Girl Twins arrived today and are ready for purchase.  These are limited edition dolls, so when they are gone, that means we won’t be getting any more in.  And I do mean very limited quantities.

These twins are so adorable and dressed in the cutest of outfits, the little Lovebird Girl in a little pink dress, and the little Lovebird Boy is dress in green overalls including a little baseball cap.

Both have precious little faces with blonde hair and blue eyes.  These would make a great addition to anyones collection.

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Kids Pretend Retro Kitchen Sets


Remember when you were younger and we actually had to use our imaginations when we played.  We played with old boxes and played house, used small pillows when we didn’t have dolls, and used our moms canned goods when we played grocery or house.  Well the kids today can still use their imaginations but have a cool kitchen set to add to their enjoyment.

These kitchen sets come with pretend microwaves, phones, sinks, dishwashers, burners on the oven that make realistic sounds.  They also have pretend refrigerators, ice makers, pot & pans, and cute little cubbies for holding all of their pretend food.

Get your little ones away from the TV or their video games, and let them try and see what kind of fun they can come up with for the afternoon.  Let older siblings join in the fun and pretend to cook dinner for the family, while mom is busy in the kitchen preparing the real meal.

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Cute New Party Favors Just Added To Store

23021 Martini Shaker_M

Well, I am finally getting around to adding a lot more party favors to our store.  We will be adding Wedding Shower Favors, Baby Shower Favors, Sweet 16, Birthday, Anniversary, Girls Night Out, Graduation,…… and as many more as we can possible find.  Keep checking back because it may take a while to get all of these added.

These cute little additions are all miniature size and make great gifts to give to everyone attending your party or shower.  Just think of all the compliments you will get when everyone sees these adorable little favors set out just for your guests.

We have the most adorable candle favors for almost any occasion you can think of.

Check back often to see what new styles we have added

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Children’s Playsets – New Tales of Glory Biblical Playsets

6520 Nativity Set

These are new for 2009.  These are great educational playsets that teach about stories in the Bible.  We have the Noah’s Ark Playsets that comes with 14 figures plus the Ark.  Then we have the Sea of Galiee with Apostles playset.  And then our newest which is the Nativity Playset.

Whether you are teaching Sunday School, or trying to teach your little ones Bible stories, these are the perfect teaching tools to help go along with the story and keep the kids interested.

Through these toys, it will help the children  learn and play out exciting stories about real people. Our toys teach children that there are real superheroes they can believe in!

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Playtime with Lee Middleton Doll Furniture


Lee Middleton has its very own line of Doll Furniture that fits perfectly with any of your Lee Middleton Dolls.  They also have lots of doll accessories for the “pretend” mommy to enjoy playing with.

Your little one can create a whole new world with all of the accessories and furniture Lee Middleton has to offer.  We have the Doll Crib with Canopy, Doll Cradle, Wooden Wardrobe Set, Doll Sleigh Bed and matching Bedding Set, and a matching lamp.  To set up the pretend kitchen, we have the refrigerator, stove, and table and chair set.

For those days you need to be on the go, let your little one play right along aside you with our wide range of Lee Middleton Doll accessories.  Need to feed the baby, try our Lee Middleton High Chair.  Try the Swing, the soft doll carrier, or the baby rocker to help pacify the baby.  When its time to be on the go, we have the cuddlepack to hold the baby, an adorable matching diaper bag, and a carriage/stroller combo to take your Lee Middleton doll along in style.

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