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Lee Middleton Artsit Studio Collectible – My Own Baby Line


These new Lee Middleton Dolls have just arrrived and are priced perfectly.  These dolls have been release with the following names:

Cuddle Me

*My First Smile

*My Little Sweetheart

* Sweet Baby Girl

*Darling Asian Boy

* Angel Love – Dark

These dolls come with many different hair colors, skin colors, & eye colors.  These are priced at 59.99 which is unusal for a new release of a Lee Middleton Doll.

We have these dolls in stock and are shipping now.  Don’t wait, the Holiday Season is just around the corner and we only have a very limited number of dolls available.

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Adding New Christmas & Nativity Scene Russian Nesting Dolls to Store


Russian Nesting or Russian Stacking Dolls come in all different themes, numbers, styles, occupation, animal breed that you can think of.  Giving nesting dolls as gifts for the upcoming holiday season makes perfect sense when there are so many types of nesting dolls with a  holiday theme.

Looking for a Christmas nesting doll, there are several types available, including the Old World Santas.  Nativity scenes are also available in many different prices ranges.  Christmas scenes are also being depicted on the front of many of these nesting dolls.  Some new ones we are about to add are, Father Frost, Polar Christmas, Christmas Carol, Christmas Cats, Woodburned Father Frost, Nutcracker, and Clara’s Dream.

Be on the lookout for more items to be added to the Russian Nesting Dolls Section this month.

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New 2009 LIne of Dolls From Doll Maker & Friends


If you want to start collecting dolls, but can’t afford the beautiful porcelain dolls by artist Linda Rick, don’t despair.  There are plenty of other dolls in the Doll Maker Lines that can fit into you budget.  There is the Doll Maker & Friends Line, Key To My Heart Line of Dolls, Lee Middleton Moments, and the Hayley Girl Collection.

These dolls are vary in price from 45.99 – 250.00.  These dolls all have that extra attention to detail that all of the Doll Maker Dolls have.  Their hair style is unique, the clothes they are wearing are one of a kind, and usually they have some sort of accessory that adds that special touch.

Whether you are just starting to collect dolls, or you have a huge collection, The Doll Maker Artists are always on the cutting edge creating something new and unique.  They never create too many dolls to saturate the market, and always have beautiful and fresh ideas.

To view their extensive line of dolls, visit us at:

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New 2009 Releases The Doll Maker Porcelain Collectible Dolls


I just can not get enough of the dolls that artist, Linda Rick, creates.  These dolls are absolutely stunning in every way.

The expressions that she creates for their faces, to the cute outfits and accessories they come with are truly unreal.  The new porcelain dolls for the 2009 line are as follows:

1.  Sweet as Peaches

2.  Hunny Bunny

3.  Curly-Q

4.  Midnight Dreams

5.  Little Miss Be-Heaven

6.  Song in My Heart

7.  A Perfect Pout

8.  Graceful Elegance

9.  Golden Glamour

Linda started her business in 1990, calling the company The Doll Maker. As she would always say: “It is not who I am that is important, but what I do…and I am The Doll Maker!”   Many knew her dolls for years, but we never really knew who created these beautiful dolls.  It was not until recent years when she was on QVC/HSN and attended many signing events, that collectors finally met “The Doll Maker”. She started with full porcelain, all American made dolls that were exquisitely dressed.  Linda was always fascinated with make up artists, and used many of these techniques in creating her dolls.

To view her latest 2009 line of porcelain dolls, visit us at

New Masterpiece Collectible Dolls Are Pre-Selling NOW


New Masterpiece Collectible Dolls Are Pre-Selling NOW

I love when we get a new introduction of dolls.  Masterpiece Doll and their artists are always sure to please.  This time they have even offered a new boy doll, Ethan, who is Hailey’s brother.  How adorable are they.  The May dolls will begin shipping the end of August, and now we are offering the August Dolls which will ship Mid-November, right before the holiday season.  You don’t want to miss out on this pre-sell because once they are gone, we cannot get any more.

When you go to my website, make sure that you click on the videos offered.  Each of the artists have made a video about each of their dolls they have created.  It shows the different positions that the dolls can pose in, different hair styles, info about the ball-joints and their range of movement.  Very informational.

Ellie is the largest doll that we have ever offered in our store, and we also have a new baby doll, Kayla, who is created by a new artist for Masterpiece.  Her name is Sandy Faber from the Netherlands, and as you can see, she has done a wonderful job.

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