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Celebration of LIfe Baby Emmy Doll and Adorable Accessories


How can anyone resist this little doll.  She is so precious just sitting in the palm of your hands.

Tiny Emmy is from the So Truly Real Collection,  she is a 10-inch size with her RealTouch™ vinyl skin, micro-rooted hair and hand-painted fingernails and toenails.   She is designed by Master Doll Artist Linda Webb.   This lifelike baby girl doll wears a pink sleeper under a white sweater that’s trimmed with tiny ribbon roses and arrives with a FREE pink pacifier.

Here are some of the accessories that you can purchase for her :

Pink Bassinet

Feeding and Changing Set

Grooming Set

Party Dress Ensemble

Winter White Outfit

Sleeper Set

Bedtime Accessories

Dress Baby Emmy up for any occasion, and have all of her accessories ready to use.  You can display baby Emmy in her adorable Pink little Bassinet.

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NEW Release Madame Alexander Huggable Huggums have arrived

My First Huggums 50645 Butterfly Dreams 50765 Bunny Love 50640 Our Lil Princess 50650 Lavender Gi

Well, they have finally arrived.  The Newest Madame Alexander or “Baby Alexander” Huggable Huggums, along with the “My First Baby” Huggums.

These darling little dolls are just the perfect size for those little hands to grasp on to for their very 1st doll.  Some are the soft material all over the body, white others have the soft body, but have the vinyl arms and legs.  They come in all sorts of different outfits for different occasions.

Here is a sample of what we have just received in.

1.  Blushing Butterflies Huggums

2.  Bubble Gum Huggums

3.  Bunny Dreams Huggums

4. Bears & Bow Huggums

5.  Going To Grandmas Huggums

6.  Our Little Princess Huggums

7.  Time For Bed Huggums

8.  Sweet Baby Girl Huggums

9.  Butterfly Dreams Huggums

10.  Bunny Love Huggums

We still have a few more that are due to arrive any day.  We should also be getting in the Baby Cuddles, My Little Girl, and Style Me Pretty Dolls.  These newest dolls also come with new outfits that you can purchase separately.

Check back with us in a few days to see what else we will be getting in for the HOLIDAYS.

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So Truly Real Collectible Ashton Drake Dolls


Our NEW shipment of Ashton Drake So Truly Real Dolls have Arrived.  We just got in our NEW Disney Princess Dolls which include Baby Cinderella, Baby Jasmine, and Baby Snow White.  They dolls are musical and when they are wound up, their little bodies wiggle and play music.  These dolls are definitely some of my favorites.

Also in the Disney line is Baby Donald, Baby Minnie and Baby Mickey.  These precious Keepsakes are 10″ and come with a matching blanket.

Also, the Celebration of Life Baby Emmy, Baby Charlie, and Tiny Ashley are among the new arrivals.  Tiny Ashley even has a breathing mechanism that when you touch her chest, you can feel her breathe.

The “Silly Me” Series and “Hats Off To You” Mini Babies are in.  These have incredible prices and we only have a very limited stock of all of these dolls.  So if you are interested in giving these tiny treasures as gifts, don’t delay because Christmas season is right around the corner.

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