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Great Deals on RETIRED SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL figurines


Swarovski Crystal figurines are some of the most beautiful designs that I have ever seen.  They are so delicate and you can actually see the superior quality in the cut and the polish.

These beautiful figurines are very popular among collectors.  These can be very expensive, but if you watch closely, sometimes you can find great deals on retired SWAROVSKI crystals.

Some that I have found lately and am offering up for sale that are brand new, never removed from the box, and come in the original blue SWAROVSKI cylinder box, with certificate:

Swan:  Retired 2004

Mini Train Set:  Retired 2004

Alligator:  Extremely Rare

Field Mice


Zodiac Goat


These appreciate in value year after year.  If you are a collector of these beautiful figurines, then this is your chance to get a great deal if you are missing these in your collection.

Don’t forget, Mothers Day is this weekend.

These would make a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

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IWAKO Japanese Collectible Puzzle Erasers



Well, the newest craze that seems to have started among kids are these new Japanese Puzzle Erasers.  You can take off several of their clothes or body parts, and interchange them and make your own colorful creation.

These are made to be collectibles that you can trade or share.  Newer ones come out monthly and then older ones are discontinued.  At least this new collectible is easy on the pocketbook.  They of course can be used as an eraser, or can be used in dollhouses, or taken to play with on the table while you are eating out.

Some of the newest ones to be added to the list are:


Ice Cream Cones

Colorful Cows

Colorful Pandas

Alien Babies

There are many more that are being added monthly to our store, so stop buy to see what new collectible has been added.  These have been very popular, so you may want to buy early.


Newest & Cutest Baby Boy Home Run Baseball Glove TAGGIES Blanket


This is the newest addition to the line of the small TAGGIES baby blanket.  This is perfect for baby boys.  In the line was already the football TAGGIE, but how cute is this.

Taggies are already a favorite among mothers who know how their little ones love to rub their little fingers along satiny edges of a blanket or stuffed animal.  Well, this bring them both together.  You have a small take along blanket, that also has many different colored satiny ribbons attached along the side, to entertain or soothe you baby.

Here are some of our favorites that we carry in our store for baby girls and boys:

Flower  Fun Taggies

Touchdown Football Taggies

Buddy The Dog Peek A Boo Blanket Taggies

Little Taggies Princess Blanket

We have a huge selection of newborn baby gifts, including Baby Gift Baskets, along with night lights, to the Sleep Sheep Nightime Sound Machine, just to name a few.

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Precious Moments Figurines Are a Great Gift For Mothers, Grandmothers, and Special Friends

cupcake sweetest times

I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful girls, and as my girls have grown older, it always brightens my day to get a thoughtful card, or a quick note just letting me know that they have thought of me during the day. Another wonderful idea that I have shared with my own mother, is sending her a special Precious Moments Figurine that says just the right thing on any given occasion

It doesn’t have to be a holiday to send these wonderful little gifts. There are so many cute ones to choose from, that you can send one at any time during the year, just to brighten your mother, friend, sister, or special someones day. These are also the perfect gift for newborn babies, new parents, couples getting married, or that adorable little toddler in your life. These figurines seem to capture all the special times and occasions during your life and complete it with that perfect phrase or quote.

Birthdays are also a very special occasion. Whether it is a baby’s 1st birthday, or a child’s birthday, there are many different styles to fit their age. A new mom always appreciates a special gift acknowledging that she is a new mother, and the joys that come along with it. A mother can give to a child for special achievements, or to lift their spirits if they are down.

Many times throughout your life, you have times of great joy, and times of great sadness. Everyone appreciates a special note or gift from a friend letting you know that someone cares and is thinking about you. There are hundreds of inspirational figurines that quote inspirational verses or messages from the Bible. These can be such a great comfort to those who need a special reminder that you are praying for them.

Precious Moments Figurines have been around since the early 1970′s and have touched so many lives. There are over 1500 pieces, with new introductions being made every year. The great thing about Precious Moments is that anyone can afford them. They come in many different price ranges, and cover most holidays, special occasions in your life, and have now even expanded into personalized figurines, to Disney Collectibles. Many collectors are now a member of the Precious Moments Collectors Club, which allows only members to be able to purchase certain special edition figurines.

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This adorable collectible doll is created by Monika Peter Leicht

Audrey is Monika Peter-Leicht’s first 40″ size doll that will have a full body sculpt and ball joint in her elbows.

For those who love long silky blonde hair with an interesting hair style you are going to love her wig.

We have shown her photos from all sides so you can see her wig style. She has pretty blue eyes.

Audrey is dressed in an adorable outfit with a cute pink long sleeve tee shirt and a mixed material ruffled skirt.

She has leggings and cute pink sneakers. Audrey comes with a wooden doll stand.

Limited Edition 350 pieces.

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View Audrey by Monika Peter Leicht

Celebration of LIfe Baby Emmy Doll and Adorable Accessories


How can anyone resist this little doll.  She is so precious just sitting in the palm of your hands.

Tiny Emmy is from the So Truly Real Collection,  she is a 10-inch size with her RealTouch™ vinyl skin, micro-rooted hair and hand-painted fingernails and toenails.   She is designed by Master Doll Artist Linda Webb.   This lifelike baby girl doll wears a pink sleeper under a white sweater that’s trimmed with tiny ribbon roses and arrives with a FREE pink pacifier.

Here are some of the accessories that you can purchase for her :

Pink Bassinet

Feeding and Changing Set

Grooming Set

Party Dress Ensemble

Winter White Outfit

Sleeper Set

Bedtime Accessories

Dress Baby Emmy up for any occasion, and have all of her accessories ready to use.  You can display baby Emmy in her adorable Pink little Bassinet.

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NEW Release Madame Alexander Huggable Huggums have arrived

My First Huggums 50645 Butterfly Dreams 50765 Bunny Love 50640 Our Lil Princess 50650 Lavender Gi

Well, they have finally arrived.  The Newest Madame Alexander or “Baby Alexander” Huggable Huggums, along with the “My First Baby” Huggums.

These darling little dolls are just the perfect size for those little hands to grasp on to for their very 1st doll.  Some are the soft material all over the body, white others have the soft body, but have the vinyl arms and legs.  They come in all sorts of different outfits for different occasions.

Here is a sample of what we have just received in.

1.  Blushing Butterflies Huggums

2.  Bubble Gum Huggums

3.  Bunny Dreams Huggums

4. Bears & Bow Huggums

5.  Going To Grandmas Huggums

6.  Our Little Princess Huggums

7.  Time For Bed Huggums

8.  Sweet Baby Girl Huggums

9.  Butterfly Dreams Huggums

10.  Bunny Love Huggums

We still have a few more that are due to arrive any day.  We should also be getting in the Baby Cuddles, My Little Girl, and Style Me Pretty Dolls.  These newest dolls also come with new outfits that you can purchase separately.

Check back with us in a few days to see what else we will be getting in for the HOLIDAYS.

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So Truly Real Collectible Ashton Drake Dolls


Our NEW shipment of Ashton Drake So Truly Real Dolls have Arrived.  We just got in our NEW Disney Princess Dolls which include Baby Cinderella, Baby Jasmine, and Baby Snow White.  They dolls are musical and when they are wound up, their little bodies wiggle and play music.  These dolls are definitely some of my favorites.

Also in the Disney line is Baby Donald, Baby Minnie and Baby Mickey.  These precious Keepsakes are 10″ and come with a matching blanket.

Also, the Celebration of Life Baby Emmy, Baby Charlie, and Tiny Ashley are among the new arrivals.  Tiny Ashley even has a breathing mechanism that when you touch her chest, you can feel her breathe.

The “Silly Me” Series and “Hats Off To You” Mini Babies are in.  These have incredible prices and we only have a very limited stock of all of these dolls.  So if you are interested in giving these tiny treasures as gifts, don’t delay because Christmas season is right around the corner.

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NEW Lovie Dovie Doll from the Doll Maker Linda Rick


There are new release Lovie Dovie Dolls from the Doll Maker, Linda Rick.  these dolls are 12″ vinyl dolls.  Each have molded hair and each has there own theme.

The list of the 9 dols are as follows:

1.  April Showers

2.  Summertime Toad

3.  Tu Tu Tootsie

4.  Hug-A-Bug Bear

5.  Silly Willy

6.  Dovey Dew

7.  Rag-A-Doo

8.  Baby blue

9.  Tinker Toes

These dolls are very economically priced at 35.99.  Perfect to give as gifts, or to anyone who is wanting to start collecting Linda Ricks Doll.

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Top Artists of Collectible Life Like Realistic Dolls


When looking for a collectible doll, its helps to know who the artist is, how long they have been sculpting dolls, and what their product line is. There are many more talented artists out there creating beautiful dolls, but in this article I will list only 5 of the top artists of collectible dolls and some information about them and what type of dolls they create.

Linda Rick – The Doll Maker

Her story started many years ago in a little girl’s bedroom that was shared with her many dolls. She was very shy and so her treasured dolls offered conversation as she grew up. Linda’s mother was very artistic and taught her how to sew, knit and crochet at a young age. Linda groomed her dolls to her personal liking, redressing her dolls and creating new hairstyles for them. She added paint to their already perfect lips and trim and ribbons to their already adorable dresses, made them even better than one could imagine.

Linda started her business in 1990, calling the company The Doll Maker. She also has several other lines including, The Doll Maker & Friends, Key To My Heart, Lee Middleton Moments, & Precious Moments Dolls. In designing, Linda starts with a dream and then a vision of the entire look. The doll then often takes on a look all it’s own from Linda’s original concept. The doll then just comes to life with a distinct character…playful and fun, or elegant and graceful. Each design is from the heart and imagination of Linda, who indeed is feminine and frilly like her dolls.

Reva Shick – Lee Middleton Dolls

Reva grew up drawing and making paper dolls as a child and also remembers dressing the dolls in glamorous clothing. “We couldn’t afford dolls, so I had to make my own,” she says. Reva claims her creative ability is something inspired from above. She believes she has a God given talent because she cannot explain how the characteristics or expressions of the dolls face begin; they just tend to happen once she starts sculpting.

Reva and her doll sculpts have received numerous nominations and awards in 1998 for “Best New Doll” and “Best New Doll Artist” at the International Collectibles Exposition. She has continued to garner DOTY (Doll of the Year) Awards and Dolls Awards of Excellence for her beautiful doll creations. Since Reva joined with Middleton Doll, the industry and collectors alike recognized the magic of her sculpting.

Monika Peter- Leicht – Masterpiece Dolls

Monika started getting interested in dolls when a friend talked her into going to a stuffed-doll making class. She is a teacher, mother of 3, and has always loved children and babies. Their facial expressions have always fascinated her. In 1998 she visited her first class for doll reproductions, and ever since then she has been involved in the handcrafting of dolls. She says it is always a challenge for her to have the dolls as realistic and detailed as possible, because each doll has to be natural and lifelike.

She also believes that her creations are more than just dolls, they have little personalities, human moods and feelings – they can conquer the hearts of their adorers. Through creating dolls, she feels she has succeeded in harmonizing her love of children and her need for artistic creativity.

Pat Moulton – Many Doll Companies

Pat started her love for art at a very young age. The interest was always in the arts starting with drawing, oil painting, making bears, porcelain dolls, and finally sculpting. That is where I found my passion…in sculpting dolls.

She has been sculpting for 28 years, but only eight years ago that she started to sculpt babies. From then on it has been what she has loved the best. She has sculpted for Charisma Brands, Lee Middleton Dolls, & Paradise Galleries.

Laura Tuzio Ross – Masterpiece Dolls

Laura began her life as an artist at age 3. People and especially babies, have always been her passion and subject matter for all of her art.

She graduated from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, where she majored in fashion illustration. In January of 2004 she discovered sculpting and a new career of creating life-like doll babies has become a dream come true for her. Her inspiration for all of her work has been her three beautiful daughters.

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