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Contessa Bride of Dracula Articulated Doll Ashton Drake – IN STOCK NOW

Contessa is definitely a doll like no other.

The Contessa wears a deep merlot gown featuring a handkerchief bottom with a sheer black overlay and lace trim detailing. The gown is cut low in the front and corseted to show-off her seductive figure and pale white d├ęcolletage.

The Contessa’s hair consists of blonde curls piled high with loose tendrils hanging down each side of her face. The Contessa stares deep into your soul with her blazing yellow eyes. Long black lace gloves, jewelry and shoes round out her offering, but her most important accessory is her pair of exposed white glistening fangs. This is one lady that you will never see wearing a crucifix.

12″ tall, articulated vinyl doll

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