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New Ashton Drake Delilah Noir “Pretty In Pink” IN STOCK NOW

Are you looking for a unique doll to give that special collector, or are you just looking for that special doll that no one else has.  Well, we have it in stock, and she is adorable.  The newest edition to the Delilah Noir Collection, “Pretty in Pink”

The Lolita doll, Pretty in Pink is a modern vinyl Lolita fashion ball jointed doll with endless poses and she also has a pet ferret. Yes a ferret. Pretty in Pink is all pink with a hoodie, messenger bag, tennis shoes and striped pink socks to go with her pet ferret. She’s not Molly but a little wilder in this pink attire, so much for Sixteen candles on her cake, she is looking for something a little different than the normal school girls. Dress her up and take her out, get you Pink today.

Fashion doll maker, Ashton Drake Galleries, offers affordable customizable limited edition Delilah Noir vinyl ball jointed dolls that are 16 inch and 1/4 scale articulated poseable collectible BJDs


* Lolita doll 16 inch vinyl collectible ball jointed doll

* White hoodie with rabbit ears and pink trim

* Pink naughty bunny t-shirt

* Logo messenger bag

* Knee high pink and white striped socks and heeled pink tennis shoes

* Crosshairs the Ferret with Matching Pink Collar & Leash

* Doll collector quality vinyl on this beautiful Lolita Doll

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Masterpiece Dolls Shipping Now, and Pre-selling November Releases

Yes, you are right.  These are the newest sneak preview Masterpiece Dolls Presell November 2010 Dolls.  These are twins, brother and sister, Danny and Danielle. They are the newest creations from Monika Levenig, amazing sculptor from Masterpiece Dolls.

You can find these 2 dolls in our store, pre-selling, with arrival date in Mid November.  However, we do have the current August 2010 releases, that have arrived into our store this past week.  They are selling quickly and a few have already sold out.  Check out all of the dolls, along with a video that shows the doll artist describing her dolls creation in their own words.

Here are just a few that we do have in stock with a brief overview.  Take a look around the store to see if any of our collectible dolls interest you.

Faith – 46 inches – Monika Peter-Leicht – 11 Joints

Snow White- 42 inches – Monika Peter-Leicht – 11 Joints

Riley- 36 inches – Monika Levenig – Full sculpt

Alice in Wonderland – 42 inches – Monika Peter-Leicht

This is just a brief overview of these fabulous dolls.  Visit our store and watch the video of these amazing artists.

NEW Lovie Dovie Doll from the Doll Maker Linda Rick


There are new release Lovie Dovie Dolls from the Doll Maker, Linda Rick.  these dolls are 12″ vinyl dolls.  Each have molded hair and each has there own theme.

The list of the 9 dols are as follows:

1.  April Showers

2.  Summertime Toad

3.  Tu Tu Tootsie

4.  Hug-A-Bug Bear

5.  Silly Willy

6.  Dovey Dew

7.  Rag-A-Doo

8.  Baby blue

9.  Tinker Toes

These dolls are very economically priced at 35.99.  Perfect to give as gifts, or to anyone who is wanting to start collecting Linda Ricks Doll.

For more information on these dolls, please visit us at:

Top Artists of Collectible Life Like Realistic Dolls


When looking for a collectible doll, its helps to know who the artist is, how long they have been sculpting dolls, and what their product line is. There are many more talented artists out there creating beautiful dolls, but in this article I will list only 5 of the top artists of collectible dolls and some information about them and what type of dolls they create.

Linda Rick – The Doll Maker

Her story started many years ago in a little girl’s bedroom that was shared with her many dolls. She was very shy and so her treasured dolls offered conversation as she grew up. Linda’s mother was very artistic and taught her how to sew, knit and crochet at a young age. Linda groomed her dolls to her personal liking, redressing her dolls and creating new hairstyles for them. She added paint to their already perfect lips and trim and ribbons to their already adorable dresses, made them even better than one could imagine.

Linda started her business in 1990, calling the company The Doll Maker. She also has several other lines including, The Doll Maker & Friends, Key To My Heart, Lee Middleton Moments, & Precious Moments Dolls. In designing, Linda starts with a dream and then a vision of the entire look. The doll then often takes on a look all it’s own from Linda’s original concept. The doll then just comes to life with a distinct character…playful and fun, or elegant and graceful. Each design is from the heart and imagination of Linda, who indeed is feminine and frilly like her dolls.

Reva Shick – Lee Middleton Dolls

Reva grew up drawing and making paper dolls as a child and also remembers dressing the dolls in glamorous clothing. “We couldn’t afford dolls, so I had to make my own,” she says. Reva claims her creative ability is something inspired from above. She believes she has a God given talent because she cannot explain how the characteristics or expressions of the dolls face begin; they just tend to happen once she starts sculpting.

Reva and her doll sculpts have received numerous nominations and awards in 1998 for “Best New Doll” and “Best New Doll Artist” at the International Collectibles Exposition. She has continued to garner DOTY (Doll of the Year) Awards and Dolls Awards of Excellence for her beautiful doll creations. Since Reva joined with Middleton Doll, the industry and collectors alike recognized the magic of her sculpting.

Monika Peter- Leicht – Masterpiece Dolls

Monika started getting interested in dolls when a friend talked her into going to a stuffed-doll making class. She is a teacher, mother of 3, and has always loved children and babies. Their facial expressions have always fascinated her. In 1998 she visited her first class for doll reproductions, and ever since then she has been involved in the handcrafting of dolls. She says it is always a challenge for her to have the dolls as realistic and detailed as possible, because each doll has to be natural and lifelike.

She also believes that her creations are more than just dolls, they have little personalities, human moods and feelings – they can conquer the hearts of their adorers. Through creating dolls, she feels she has succeeded in harmonizing her love of children and her need for artistic creativity.

Pat Moulton – Many Doll Companies

Pat started her love for art at a very young age. The interest was always in the arts starting with drawing, oil painting, making bears, porcelain dolls, and finally sculpting. That is where I found my passion…in sculpting dolls.

She has been sculpting for 28 years, but only eight years ago that she started to sculpt babies. From then on it has been what she has loved the best. She has sculpted for Charisma Brands, Lee Middleton Dolls, & Paradise Galleries.

Laura Tuzio Ross – Masterpiece Dolls

Laura began her life as an artist at age 3. People and especially babies, have always been her passion and subject matter for all of her art.

She graduated from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, where she majored in fashion illustration. In January of 2004 she discovered sculpting and a new career of creating life-like doll babies has become a dream come true for her. Her inspiration for all of her work has been her three beautiful daughters.

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Precious Moments Collectible Dolls For the Holidays


There is just something about the look on a Precious Moments Doll.  Their little face is so innocent.  Well now, we are proud to say that we our now carrying the Precious Moments Dolls designed by Linda Rick, the Doll Maker.

She has been designing dolls for Precious Moments since 1990, and she has brought a feminine touch to these limited edition dolls.

In 2009, the Precious Moments Doll Catalog has some of the most adorable dolls Linda has ever designed.  Her dolls vary in style and design so there is something for every collector.  If you are looking for something girly, why not take a look at “My Precious Pony”.  What little girl (or big girl) wouldn’t love to have this doll decorating a shelf in their room.  If you are decorating for the Christmas Season, there are plenty of holiday dolls to choose from.  How can you resist the set of “You Light Up My Life”?    Or maybe you are looking for that doll that has that little bit of something extra special to offer.  Look no further.  “Heartfelt Treasures” is sure to brighten your day whether you give this as a gift, or keep this keepsake for yourself.

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Lee Middleton Artsit Studio Collectible – My Own Baby Line


These new Lee Middleton Dolls have just arrrived and are priced perfectly.  These dolls have been release with the following names:

Cuddle Me

*My First Smile

*My Little Sweetheart

* Sweet Baby Girl

*Darling Asian Boy

* Angel Love – Dark

These dolls come with many different hair colors, skin colors, & eye colors.  These are priced at 59.99 which is unusal for a new release of a Lee Middleton Doll.

We have these dolls in stock and are shipping now.  Don’t wait, the Holiday Season is just around the corner and we only have a very limited number of dolls available.

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New 2009 Releases The Doll Maker Porcelain Collectible Dolls


I just can not get enough of the dolls that artist, Linda Rick, creates.  These dolls are absolutely stunning in every way.

The expressions that she creates for their faces, to the cute outfits and accessories they come with are truly unreal.  The new porcelain dolls for the 2009 line are as follows:

1.  Sweet as Peaches

2.  Hunny Bunny

3.  Curly-Q

4.  Midnight Dreams

5.  Little Miss Be-Heaven

6.  Song in My Heart

7.  A Perfect Pout

8.  Graceful Elegance

9.  Golden Glamour

Linda started her business in 1990, calling the company The Doll Maker. As she would always say: “It is not who I am that is important, but what I do…and I am The Doll Maker!”   Many knew her dolls for years, but we never really knew who created these beautiful dolls.  It was not until recent years when she was on QVC/HSN and attended many signing events, that collectors finally met “The Doll Maker”. She started with full porcelain, all American made dolls that were exquisitely dressed.  Linda was always fascinated with make up artists, and used many of these techniques in creating her dolls.

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Just In – New 2009 Lee Middleton Artist Studio Collectible – Bunny Hugs


Lee Middle Doll – Artist Studio Collectible – Bunny Hugs

I received a quite unexpected surprise today. My first shipment of the NEW 2009 of Lee Middleton Dolls arrived today. One of the newest dolls to arrive is the Artist Studio Collectible – Bunny Hugs. She is the first full infant made with extra soft vinyl skin. Her outfit is adorable. She looks so real!!

Check back here daily or just pop in and visit the store, because I am sure more new 2009 Lee Middleton Dolls will start arriving on a daily basis now.

Go here to view all the detail for this doll:

Gotz German Collectible Dolls At Great Prices


Gotz Collectible Dolls

If you are looking for a great collectible doll at AMAZING prices, you might want to take a look at the Gotz Collectible Dolls.   Each doll comes with a Götz bracelet, artist’s signet and a certificate.  The Artist Edition dolls are produced in limited or one-year productions.    Götz dolls are still produced in Germany in one of the largest doll factories in the world.

Some of the dolls we have are retired and are not being made anymore.  We love these dolls but are making room for some of the new editions.  We have lowered some of these prices up to 50% – 75%.  These are great deals that won’t last for long.  If you are looking to start or just add to your collection, these beautiful dolls may be just for you.

To find out more info on the Gotz Collectible Dolls visit:

My Corner Cafe Studio

Madame Alexander Collectible Dolls


Madame Alexander Collectible Dolls

Madame Alexander continues to come out with the most creative new looks and ideas. Whether you are a collector yourself, or looking for a gift for a child, Madame Alexander has you covered. For the little “birthday girl”, why not give the “Birthday Girl Collectible Doll” as a keepsake. If its “Babies 1st Birthday“, we have the soft body version to commemorate this special day. For the ballerina in your family, we have a 4 piece set, “Ballet Lessons“.

If you are looking for some of the retired discontinued dolls, look no further, you may find what you are looking for here. We carry several of the hard to find dolls including, “Western Riding“, “3 Blind Mice“, and several “Baby Alexander Huggums Dolls“.

These collectible dolls continue to be some of the most sought after dolls on the market today.

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