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Masterpiece Dolls Shipping Now, and Pre-selling November Releases

Yes, you are right.  These are the newest sneak preview Masterpiece Dolls Presell November 2010 Dolls.  These are twins, brother and sister, Danny and Danielle. They are the newest creations from Monika Levenig, amazing sculptor from Masterpiece Dolls.

You can find these 2 dolls in our store, pre-selling, with arrival date in Mid November.  However, we do have the current August 2010 releases, that have arrived into our store this past week.  They are selling quickly and a few have already sold out.  Check out all of the dolls, along with a video that shows the doll artist describing her dolls creation in their own words.

Here are just a few that we do have in stock with a brief overview.  Take a look around the store to see if any of our collectible dolls interest you.

Faith – 46 inches – Monika Peter-Leicht – 11 Joints

Snow White- 42 inches – Monika Peter-Leicht – 11 Joints

Riley- 36 inches – Monika Levenig – Full sculpt

Alice in Wonderland – 42 inches – Monika Peter-Leicht

This is just a brief overview of these fabulous dolls.  Visit our store and watch the video of these amazing artists.