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In the mid 18th Century with the perfection of European porcelain making skills, society became intrigued by “The Box”

Some examples of the 18th and 19th Century pieces can be found in museums, but the more contemporary interpretations continue to be prized by collectors.

Chamart brings you the fines craftsmanship and skill in each piece. We assure that your purchase is entirely painted by hand using absolutely no stencils or decals. We are dedicated to preserving the Art of Limoges porcelain

In our store we have several different styles to choose from.  We are tying to consolidate some of our inventory so we have made huge reductions in the prices.

Some links to some of the Limoges are below:

Billard Ball

Chocolate Bar

Movie Projector

Plus many many more.  Just browse our store for most items on sale.

Great Deals on RETIRED SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL figurines


Swarovski Crystal figurines are some of the most beautiful designs that I have ever seen.  They are so delicate and you can actually see the superior quality in the cut and the polish.

These beautiful figurines are very popular among collectors.  These can be very expensive, but if you watch closely, sometimes you can find great deals on retired SWAROVSKI crystals.

Some that I have found lately and am offering up for sale that are brand new, never removed from the box, and come in the original blue SWAROVSKI cylinder box, with certificate:

Swan:  Retired 2004

Mini Train Set:  Retired 2004

Alligator:  Extremely Rare

Field Mice


Zodiac Goat


These appreciate in value year after year.  If you are a collector of these beautiful figurines, then this is your chance to get a great deal if you are missing these in your collection.

Don’t forget, Mothers Day is this weekend.

These would make a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

Visit our store at: