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Mina Brides of Dracula Articulated Doll – Ashton Drake – IN STOCk NOW

Ready for a doll like no other…..  Wait until you have seen MINA – Bride of Dracula

The ultimate seductress, Mina lures her victims with black gothic suit accented with bright red. The jacket features slashes in the sleeves, almost giving away her penchant for “tearing into things”.

Her red fitted corset, which hugs her ample figure, perfectly matches the trim on her short skirt. Her formal top hat almost hides her jet black hair, fiery red eyes and exposed fangs…but not quite. Her knee-high boots, fishnet stockings and ring are all that she needs to round out her ensemble and be ready to lure her next victim.

12″ tall, articulated vinyl doll

The Couture Fantasy Brides of Dracula are a collaboration between Ashton-Drake and Integrity Toys. These 12” articulated vinyl dolls are based on the classic Brides of Dracula story that features three seductive temptresses. Best viewed as a set, these ladies could tell you a thing or two about what Dracula was really like!

Mina, third doll in the collection, is the ultimate seductress. She lures her victims with a black gothic suit accented with bright red.

Doll measures 12″ tall.

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